Friday, July 22, 2011


You came I smiled, happy to this
You came I was laughing, cheerful heart is
Sometimes you go, just disappeared
Sometimes you go, my heart down in the mouth

I'm glad you came, wanting to laugh every time
You came I was crying, because I'm happy
Sometimes you go, make the heart is injured
Sometimes you go, I searched everywhere

You are my happiness
When you go, a lot of people looking for you
You are my happiness
When you come, everyone is laughing

Translate to Indonesia


Engkau datang aku tersenyum, senang hati ini
Engkau datang aku tertawa, ceria hati ini
Terkadang engkau pergi, menghilang begitu saja
Terkadang engkau pergi, hatiku gundah gulana

Engkau datang aku gembira, ingin tertawa setiap saat
Engkau datang aku menangis, karna aku bahagia
Terkadang engkau pergi, membuat hati ini terluka
Terkadang engkau pergi, aku mencari kemana-mana

Engkau adalah Kebahagiaanku
Disaat engkau pergi, banyak orang mencarimu
Engkau adalah Kebahagiaanku
Disaat engkau datang, semua orang tertawa