Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Internet crime that should be known by the people of Indonesia.

Internet criminals lurk behind the sites that you trust. One of theworld's largest software company observed an increase inmalware attack sites leading social networking and instant messaging. Internet criminals are using your online networks to spread malicious code. And to deal with it, you should know thisfact about Internet crime.

1. Be wary of what you "CLICK"
Be careful while accessing a message that appears on the site.Use appraisal services site that you can access for free, toensure the site is safe, One Website that provides serviceassessment is the Norton Safe Web

2. Ignore spam
Immediately delete suspicious emails without reading it. Any form of spam mail responses, such as clicking the 'unsubscribe'to confirm the spammer that your email account is active, so the more spam will go to your email account.

3. Strengthen and Protect 'PASSWORD' you
Use the following password security tips:
- Never store your password in an email draft, or folders that you created in the email.
- Change your passwords regularly.
-Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters,symbols and numbers.