Sunday, August 28, 2011

Do you know about online gaming at Indonesia?

A game with genre  first person shot (fps). An this online game was very popular today in Indonesia. His name is POINTBLANK. This game present Indonesia since 2009, but until 2011  more and more people play this game. Why is that ? Maybe because this game is very easy to play and free to play. I was one of the users of this game, and I am sometimes bored to play this game because some people who want to ruin this game by using illegal programs (cheat)

Team pointblank Indonesia recently flaunt their skills in the international arena as TRI NATIONS PB 2011, PB TRINATIONS where this is An International Event of the PB is held in Bangkok, Thailand on August 21, 2011 this year.

Where PB TRI Nations in 2011 followed by the third country in which the PB is in each country are:

1. Thailand

2. Russia

3. Indonesia

Third Parties PB TRI Nations 2011 will send each of two teams from each country respectively - each to represent his country.

Reward for PB Tri Nations 2011

1st Place: USD $ 10,000

2nd Place: USD $ 5,000

and the winner 1st Place is Russia and My Country ( Indonesian ) was get 2nd Place.

However in this game, many people who are weak in thinking and have to use illegal programs to make it look cool while playing. And we called that's people is cheaters..